Welcome 2014

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Welcome 2014

The new year came in with a vengeance here in Indiana.  We enjoyed a snowstorm that postponed our return to school by a full week!  Happily to some but others, namely me, were going crazy!  With over a foot of snow at the door and a house full of boys,4 to be exact,I needed something to anchor my mind.


Well with a new-born to nurse and a toddler to entertain I grabbed my iPad and logged on.  Wow so many blogs that I follow and I was way far behind in reading.  As I began to read my mind, the nearly crazy one, began to get excited.   Something was happening that I couldn’t quite explain.  I felt like I was catching  a bug!  The blogging bug.  Yep that’s how Finn’s Door started.


Named after our youngest son. Finn entered the world in November and has made my life with boys complete.

The birth of my latest idea is no less exciting.  I have wanted to create a blog for sometime now, but the time was never right.  My life is no less hectic than any other time but I am finding that sitting down at the computer centers me.  Through Finn’s Door I hope to find an outlet for my creativity, connect with like-minded individuals, learn, grow, inspire, and be inspired, but mostlyto do something I truly love.  Create!

I have many exciting things planned for us this year :

  • start a blog (oh wait I can cross that off my list)
  • Design and make a new quilt ( or 2)
  • plan our home garden, to be bigger and better than last year
  • introduce delicious recipes (some I may steel from Mom)

So welcome and I hope you enjoy.

Rebecca McAfee

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