Valentine’s Day Clutch Tutorial


Here’s the tutorial I promised! (for those who asked)  I am part of an amazing FB group, Learn to Sew{with Crazy Little Projects} and the girls there are so encouraging and talented.  Plus there are monthly challenges that are great!  Check them out here.

I got my inspiration for this project from Jeni Baker over at

Incolororder.  She is amazing!!  Check her out here

It’s super easy and completely customizable.   You can make it larger or smaller, use any fabric you desire!

Last week I posted a tutorial for the scrappy fabric I used to make this clutch.  That tutorial is totally customizable also.  Have fun and be creative.  Enjoy.

Scrappy Fabric Panel tutorial can be found here.

Valentine’s Day Clutch

(Some of the pictures I use here are different fabric.  The process is the same)


  • Scrappy Fabric Panel
  • lining fabric
  • medium weight fusible interfacing
  • rotary cutter and mat or scissors
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread
  • 2 snaps and snap tool
  • iron


1.  After you have made a scrappy fabric panel trim it to

12 1/2″ X 20 1/2 ”

2.  Cut 1 matching piece from lining fabric.

3.  Cut 2 matching pieces from medium weight interfacing.

4. According to manufacturers directions fuse interfacing pieces to the wrong side of fabric.


5.  With right sides facing line up pieces and pin along all sides.  Make sure you leave a 3″ opening along one long side for turning.

6.  Mark the top and sides of you project 2″ in and using you ruler and rotary cutter trim your corners.  This section becomes you front flap.

7.  Stitch along all sides leaving your marked spot for turning.

8.  Clip corners and turn your work right side out.  Poke corners to give them a sharp point.

9.  Iron your fabric and turn in the opening.  Pin it closed.

10.  Fold up the bottom portion of you bag.  Pin in place.  IMG_3045

11.  Top stitch the entire perimeter with a 1/8″ seam allowance (be careful not to sew over you pins) back stitch at the start and finish.

12.  Fold top down and mark location for snap placement.  Insert snaps accordingly (this will depend on type of snaps used)


Your finished!!

Enjoy your new Valentine’s Clutch!!

For now, enjoy crafting and if you make a clutch or anything else you would like to show off check out my page of FB!  Feel free to post your pictures at Finn’s Door.

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