OMG I’m an octopus!!


OMG I am an octopus!  Well not in the literal sense, although I will admit that having 6 extra arms would make my life considerably more functional,  but I HAVE to have the gene.  Have you ever collapsed at the end of the day completely exhausted because you have been running since before dawn?  Cooking, cleaning, crafting, caring for babies and children and husbandsandbloggingandlaundryand…..yep i have my hands in everything.  That is why I have labeled myself an unproductive octopus.

Here I sit at the end of the day and I know I have done things.  I actually crossed a few off my to do list.  ??  Yet when I take a look around nothing seems finished.  That’s because it usually isn’t!  I have a very busy life but that is usually due to me adding a ton of things onto my list for any given day which equates to totally chaos.  I have a  term I like to call AOADDBITTCTWOADB.  Yeah that’s a mouth full.  What it stands for you ask- adult onset attention deficit disorder because I try to conquer the world on a daily basis.  Please don’t laugh, unless you are laughing because you do the same exact thing, then by all means join in the laughter.

I was recently asked if I had a New Years resolution.  Well of course I do- organization!  But my resolution goes further then just simply cleaning closets and finally pairing the odd socks that have been living in my basement so long they have begun to reproduce.  I needed to organize on a mental basis first.  Normally  I begin my day with a simple to do list of the  things that I would like to accomplish and as the day goes on I add to this list, thinking that if I work hard enough I will get them done.  Hard work plays a big part but its not the star role here.  So I put some thought into what I wanted things to be and how I could accomplish that without driving my family crazy.  Here’s what I came up with:


(this is a totally random picture but I love it)


I must must learn to recognize what needs to be done right then and there and get it done!  So often I get so involved with this that and the other thing that all of a sudden its late and I neglected to call and schedule a dentist appointment!  If I take my time and plan accordingly I am less apt to forget an obligation.

Setting Limits

I mentioned before that I tend to try and conquer the world on a daily basis and always fail.  I ask myself if I can get something done in the time I have and if the answer is no then I have to set aside that project for a later date.  Like when I have help or better yet a baby sitter.

Plan and gather

I have the most success when I plan my project from start to finish.  That means I need to write out a list of what I want to do, and all the items it will involve.  Then I gather ALL the materials.  Nothing kills a project faster than having to stop at every step and hunt down something I need!!

Finish what I start

Remember the octopus reference? I really do tend to go in 8 different directions at once.   I am notorious for starting a project and never finishing it because I start another or I have put it off so long I forget what I wanted to do.  If I follow the suggestions I listed above I am far less likely to leave something undone.  It is such an awesome feeling to finish that you will soon wonder why you left so many projects unfinished!

I am not saying that I don’t have 2 or even 3 projects planned out at once but I have learned to complete one before I begin another.  (I suppose I should put a disclaimer in that states this only works with the smaller projectsIi work on, the quilts are a totally different area!)    No this isn’t set in stone and I still side track to various things but I will say I am getting better!!

I have put together a quick tutorial for a project board that helps to keep me on track.  Hope it’s an inspiration for you.

The “Next Up” Project Board



  • 2 foam core boards- any color
  • Cotton batting- enough to cover board
  • fabric- enough to cover board
  • Ribbon or other decorations you like
  • Craft glue and spray adhesive
  • pins
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • IMG_3255

1.  Secure your boards together using masking tape.


2. Using the spray adhesive lightly spray the surface of the boards and place batting over top.  I then turned the project over and secured the batting to the back.  I weighed it down and allowed to dry for about an hour.


3.  Do the same with the cover fabric.  I used burlap.


4. Once dry decorate with ribbons, bows etc.


5.  Using the craft glue and pins secure the cord for hanging (I used an old shoe lace).  I glued the ends to the center back of the board and then dipped 4 pins into the craft glue.  I inserted the pins at a shallow angle, positioning one upward and one downward.  This gave me some extra strength.  I will not be using this board for hanging heavy things but just to be sure.

Longing for Spring!


2 thoughts on “OMG I’m an octopus!!

  1. Wow!!! You did it again. I am definitely going to try your formula. My new year’s word is discipline—a perfect partner with organization.


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