My Superhero Crew


Where has the time gone, it’s almost valentines day and I’ve soo much to do.  I was knee deep into some great little zipper pouches for my super hero crew when my sewing maching had a breakdown. Ugh what horrible timing. Thankfully I had already finished these awesome extra large floor pillows so I was saved a bit but I had such big plans for the zipper pouches. Image

thankfully I had a few more things planned so not all was a bust. Plus the very same day the my sewing machine went into the shop my new vacuum cleaner came to the door!!  I’m thinking that may not be a coincidence considering I’ve been without for a few weeks now.  I have a lot of very busy feet in this house and they make a very busy mess!

Friday night I am planning a breakfast for dinner menu.  As we like to call it “bupper”.   It’s somethimg that we all enjoy very much but this is going to be a special edition.  Well yeah it’s Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a sampling of a few goodies I have planned

  • Heart shaped egg in toast
  • heart shaped cinnamon rolls(totally going tube kind here)
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • double chocolate chip brownies (this is a breakfast food, right?)
  • and heart shaped bacon! Yep that’s right.  All you have to do is twist and bake as usual.  What did we all do before Pinterest  and all these new ideas?

Oh I can’t wait to celebrate this completely random holiday, a day to spoil my guys and make some memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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