I’m back!!

iphone514 932

Well I know I’ve been silent for quite some time now but I promise I haven’t been neglecting my creative bug.  I have been super busy with family, sewing new and exciting things, and prepping for an upcoming craft show.  My very first one(yep, I’m a bit nervous).

I’ve been concentrating a lot on sewing. I have finally begun to sew some clothing.   Something I have always wanted to dive into but have hesitated for…well I’m not sure why I hesitated because now that I am working on a few things I am loving it!!

But before I get too far ahead, like I tend to do from time to time..actually ALL the time,  I want to share my latest quilt with you.  This piece is inspired by a quilter  I follow. Following her blog I  have found so much inspiration and really have to share!  Maureen Cracknell is one extremely talented quilter.  Her blog Maureen Cracknell Handmade is packed full of her quilts and as a bonus, some wonderful tutorials.  Here is one on her great QAYG method.A Quilt As You Go Tutorial



I based my latest quilt on her QAYG method and I really am quite pleased with the ease and versatility of the method.  I was able to finish my latest in record time!

!iphone514 942


iphone514 912


I have started another and cannot wait to show you the finished piece.

iphone514 965


So farewell for now but I promise not to stay away too long ever again!!

Rebecca McAfee

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