The Not Frumpy Mom Top

I mentioned in my last post that I have always wanted to sew awesome clothing.  Actually it’s more like dreamimg of sewing awesome clothing for me!!  Now don’t think that I will be neglecting my family!  I will be sewing for them along the way.    After all I need to buy fabric, Right? So if  I happen to buy too much (lol like there is suck a thing)I promise I will be sure to make things for everyone.  But me first!

Today I finished the very first thing I have ever sewn for myself, besides purses and bags.  Its a sleevless tunic styly tankish top!!  Yes I know that’s a mouthful but I have yet to cleverly name said top!!

photo 2

I was searching for a summer tank that provided a bit more coverage than the ones I was finding on the racks.  Something unique, not flashy, comfortable, not too frumpy….you get the idea.  I found a great tutorial and free pattern on pinterest, of all places haha.  It’s called the Sorbetto Top  25cd4b53ff7e9fef6bf9e093685a3546

Of course if you know me, you already know that I do not like to follow directions,  I just had to play around with this pattern.  Not that there was a thing wrong with the original, I just needed to make it mine. This is what I came up with!  And I love it.

photo 1

I added some length in the middle and the bottom hem, gave it a more A-line feel, and played with the front pleat.  I am very pleased with the results. I now have a comfy, roomy, hide my yoga pants behind, not frumpy top!  And I am already planning the next rendition!

tunic top 1 tunic top 2 tunic top

I am all out of cleverness at the moment so please help me name this top!!

See you next time!







9 thoughts on “The Not Frumpy Mom Top

    1. Thank you! I really needed something cool! Oh and the pattern on the material totally hides the spit up stains. Lol


  1. Love this! This is Crystal with TWSC. We added an option to the raffle for those of you linking up. It was added AFTER you linked up, so make sure to go check that entry off!


    1. Thank you. I’m happy with how it turned out! And thanks for the heads up I’ll check it out now and spread the word


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