How My New Shirt became a Bag

As with many moments throughout my life I once again conceded to delusions of grandur as I took on my lastest project.  I was simple enough, really!…design an awesome summer shirt, sew it with perfection (the very first try), post a great blog post, including an awesomely written tutorial, and become famous!!  Easy right? NOT

It all started with this fabricbirdbag5

I found it at Joann Fabric Store on clearance.  I have been saving it for “just the right project”.  Well I have been saving it for a long time!!   I was so happy when a summer top idea popped into my head and I instantly knew this fabric would be perfect.  All was going well, the pattern was quite simple really.  I got everything down on paper.  I wanted a simple strappy summer top that was loose fitting, comphy, yet stylish and easy to whip out.

I took measurements, drew out the pattern, prepped everything, and cut my pieces.  That’s when things went downhill.  I cut one piece upside down!!  ugh now the birds were crashing, not flying!  ok, pause, replan and….I can save this, Ill just make the back without the gather, no one will be the wiser.

As I continued to sew a few more oops became apparent and I had to walk away.  After a break and a much needed cup of coffee things still didn’t look any better!  As I was tearfully gathering my disaster of a shirt about to shove it into the scrap bin it hit me.  This would make a really great big carry all bag.  Being a mom of four boys I cant have a big enough bag and this might really come in handy.

I quickly began to re-design my project.  I shortened it a bit, closed the end, mitered the corners, and lined it.  After a few quick stitches this is what I came out with…

birdbag4 birdbag2

A perfect bag for our many many trips to our local library branch.  Roomy, sturdy, fashionable, and all mine!!  Well at least I’ll be the one to carry it, even though it may contain items, many items not of my belonging.


So this project wasn’t a complete fail.  I’ll keep the thought of that awesome summer top in the back of my mine for a bit longer, working out the kinks and I’ll give it another go, hopefully sometime soon.  Because “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”

Until next time


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