Thrifting Saturday #1

All wool with wonderful flowers
All wool with wonderful flowers

Hello everyone.

I hope this beautiful 4th of July finds you celebrating with family and friends.  We will be headed off to cook out soon.  I woke up early to get this post out,  because  I’m very excited to bring you the first episode of Thrifting Saturday!

Tons of hardware to be salvaged

Ever since high school I have been an avid thrift shopper.  When I would head out with friends early Saturday mornings to hit our favorite church thrift store, they always had $5 brown sacs. It was so much fun to dig through deep piles of castaway clothes to find unique pieces. Along the way I have found such awesome treasures that I can nearly never pass up a store no matter where I am. Lately I have been scouring local thrifts for sewing supplies and notions. Well yesterday I scored big!

Look at the detail along that skirt edge!

My total haul cost no more then $20 and that’s even pricey for me.

I always start my quest in the ladies skirt area. I have been lucky to find large wool skirts in amazing patterns, linen and linen blend, some with cool design and even embroidery. Next it’s off to the men’s suit section where there is never a lack of great well made wool coats an d even pants. Before I leave I always hit the purse section. There are always treasures there.

With a little work to dismantle my finds and some seams to rip I now have a boast worthy supply of fabric, purse hardware, and even some leather pieces!

More treasures!

I always have to pick a favorite(it’s just a game I play) and this week was hard. I found 2 pieces that made me jump for joy but I think I’m going with the linen dress in a great orange with embroidered birds!  This will become a tote for me!  Can’t wait to get started sewing.

This dress!!

Tips for your search:

  • Think outside the box!  Can that table cloth become a cool pillow, can that beautiful skirt become my new favorite purse?
  • Look for textures and color.  You can find almost every fabric all in one place.  You know that silk you’ve always wanted to try sewing but didnt want to spend a fortune?  If you’re lucky you can score a piece for a few dollars and get to practicing.
  • Dig, dig, dig.  I usually find the best treasures when I spend the time to rummage through boxes of forgotten items.  And you know they say one mans trash is anothers gold!

Do you thrift?  Send me some pictures of your treasures!  Or check out Finn’s Door in FB and post away!  Come back this time next week to see what I’ve scored  while thrifting.

Now go and create!



3 thoughts on “Thrifting Saturday #1

  1. I love to thrift shop…during the school year I go every Monday after the kids are off to school. Summer time it’s a little less often but I still make sure I hit the shops at least twice a month. My husband always laughs at me, shakes his head and says “ya know, most people buy clothes to actually wear” and he just can’t seem to grasp the concept of buying a purse or bag so I can rip the hardware off of it just to put on another bag or purse. We also have a store here called ScapIt. It’s all donated repurposeful (is that a word? LOL) crafty supplies. I love going there! Only problem is it has weird hours, so I don’t get there as often as I like.

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    1. I remember you talking about that Scrapit! Wish we had one here. I go usually once a week, that’s why I decided to start this string of posts. Got some good stuff for show next week! And that flower material is great. It’s a wool skirt. My sister already claimed it and I’m working on a tote for her. Oh and yep my husband is the same way!! They’ll never understand


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