Thrifting Saturday #2 + new purse!

Hello all!

I had a great week thrifting.  Not to many sales in our area but I did hit one of my favorite places.  Downtown is a Salvation Army branch that I fully believe has been forgotten!!  I always walk out of there with good finds.  This branch is a place I can easily get lost in, its big, and stuffed to the gills.

Here are my scores:

A bit of linen, a great lenght of wool, and the smallest bag with the most hardware!
A bit of linen, a great lenght of wool, and the smallest bag with the most hardware!

I even scored a book that I need to find time to read.
And a 100% hot pink wool coat that I guess pleased others!  lol
And a 100% hot pink wool coat that I guess pleased others! lol
This was only a $1
This was only a $1


And I can’t wait to show you what I am doing with my dollar find.  Orginally I was just going to strip it for the hardware but I really like its shape and size.  I started thinking, yep it’s always dangerous when I start to think, usually means lots of work!  And I decided to try my hand at reverse engeneering this bag.  Why not?  It’s simple, clean lines, and I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to dismantle.

I’ll walk you through what I have so far….

All taken apart!

Just as I had hoped it was easy to get the structure broken down.  I picked the side seams, bottom, and top stitching first, being careful not to stretch it to much or rip it.  I was able to salvage the O rings and the lobster clasps and I may use these in my final draft.  For now I am more looking to make a pattern out of the pieces I picked apart.  This particular bag has only 4 main pices: a main exterior, a main lining, and bottom ovals for the lining and main exterior.  I lucked out and the lining pieces and exterior pieces measured the same!

Take lots of notes along the way

After taking measurements and notes on the construction I set to work making my pattern. It was simple because I choose, for the first go around, to not take apart the exterior.  I left the accent band in place and just traced the outline on paper marking the center point, so my pattern will now be cut on the fold.


I added a 1/2″ SA to the top along the opening of the bag.

After I outlined the main sections and the bottom oval I cleaned up my lines, took some final measurements to make sure I was still on point, and I have my pattern.

Using these french curves made cleaning up my line very simple.


Final pattern with notes for cutting

I have made similar bags so I have an idea of the steps to take when sewing.  I’ll be back when I have decided what fabric to use and walk you through some more of the steps! Until then if you want to try your hand at this I would suggest starting with a bag that doesn’t have a complicated design or a simply constructed one.

Good luck and feel free to post your upcycled projects on Finn’s Door facebook page, I would love to see what you’re up to.

see you next time


PS Here’s a peek at what I have so far


New bag in the works. Stay tuned for more
New bag in the works. Stay tuned for more

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