Thrifting Saturday #3

Hello All!!

Happy weekend. Hope everyone has some awesome things planned and that the weather holds for you!  Here in Indiana it’s been stormy for….well all summer so far. We are waiting for the ark to come by and save us. No, it really is that bad!

Instead of crying about it, well I have cryed some.  I headed to my sewing room for some much needed creative time.  I don’t even have to feel guilty for not being outside

I did find a few things this week that really made me happy! Combine that with my Pinterest obsession and I’ve gotten creative.

A couple of men's shirts to alter into tops!
A couple of men’s shirts to alter into tops!

My new summer top from a thrifted mens shirt! Super easy.
An oversized leather trench coat
An oversized leather trench coat

This jacket is gigantic!  There’s so much usable 100% leather there. I’m thinking about making a bag or 2 for me. Maybe a matching set. ??? I’m beginning to feel some selfish sewing coming on.  I don’t know about you but I hardly ever sew for myself.  I do find it incredibly rewarding making things for others so it’s not as bad as I’m sounding.  Plus I did find something for my husband.  After all he puts up with all my crafty messes and crazy projects!

When you luck upon a brand name for $1.25 sometimes you just have to gift it as is.

Sometimes a thrifted shirt is…just a shirt


Here are a few things I’ve been up to from my thrift finds and I’m planning a tutorial on my new summer top, soon, I promise.


imageHave a great weekend and as always share your finds and creations.  I would love to see what you’ve been up to.


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