Today I’m over at Sew Thrifty!!



Hello All!

Today I have the privilege of hanging out over at Sew Thrifty.  I am part of the Savings Made by Sewing series.  I am sharing how I created a wonderful sewing studio for dirt cheap.  Really dirt cheap (not the designer landscaping stuff) and it’s all mine!  I am loving everything about it and will continue to add as I need.  Come join me over at Sew Thrifty.  While you’re there be sure to check out all the other posts this month during the series  There are so many tips and tricks to save $$$.  Just click the logo below and enjoy.

If you still want to hang out come on back.  There’s lots more to see.

Rebecca Savings Made by Sewing {Sew Thrifty|} Great tips for saving money and sewing

Savings Made by Sewing {Sew Thrifty|} Great tips for saving money and sewing

July 6: Sew Thrifty | July 7: Feather’s Flights | July 8: Mabey She Made It | July 9: Phat Quarters | July 10: Vicky Myers Creations

July 13: Sew Thrifty | July 14: Sew a Straight Line | July 15: House of Estrela | July 16: Sew Straight and Gather | July 17: A Real Life Country Housewife

July 20: Sew Thrifty | July 21: Bernina Representative | July 22: Pretty Practical | July 23: Finn’s Door | July 24: Lulu and Celeste

General Tips:
July 27: Sew Thrifty | July 28: From-a-Box | July 29: Willow & Stitch | July 30: Knot Sew Normal | July 31: Bringing it All Together by Sew Thrifty

2 thoughts on “Today I’m over at Sew Thrifty!!

  1. Your sewing studio looks great! (I have the same colors in mine 🙂 )…I too took things I already had around the house with the exception of a few dollar store bins and a large (4×8) metal desk with formica top that I got for $8!


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