Oh Vacation, Where have you gone?

Jenkinsons Pier

Hello All,

The head of this motley crew is in the middle.

We have just returned from our annual summer vacation and I am already looking forward to the next one.  Every year we head East to the shore to reconnect with family.  It’s a grueling drive, with 4 kids under 10 but I wouldn’t skip it for the world.  I have lived in Indiana for quite a few years now and although I enjoy it and have been welcomed as a Hoosier,  I will always be a Jersey girl at heart!!  Cause everyone knows how cool us Jersey girls are!! We have a lot of gals in our crew, but we can’t forget the boys.  Especially my four.  It’s always hectic but wonderful to be together again. Things get crazy, amazing amounts of food are consumed, and memories are made.

This year it was a bit more emotional.  Our Father, the one who centered us all passed last year.  As we approach the 1 year mark we must remember how blessed we all are that he left us with so many good memories.  We continued to morn his passing by gathering, sharing stories, and spreading his ashes on the farm he built.  A place that will always be in our hearts as an amazing, nurturing, and beautiful home.

Some fun on Grandpa’s tractor

Colin in command
Some fun at the pier
Can’t forget the arcade fun!
Parker looking a bit nervous before the car bumps
Brothers bonding
Even had time for a bit of a sewing lesson. My sis did pretty good
His memory quilt


You will always be remembered with love respect for all you gave us
You will always be remembered with love and respect for all you gave us Dad. I love you


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