OT Tour Issue #8 The Little Collector Backpack+ Issue giveaway!!

One Thimble Issue 8 Out Now

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Hello All!  I am on tour again!  Woohoo, I’m beginning to feel like a rock star and I can’t say I mind.  I’m hanging out with oneThimble today as they have just launched their #8 issue!!  OT is an amazing e-zine for those who sew, are thinking about sewing, or have someone who would like a great gift!!  It’s chocked full of articles, how to’ s, and great patterns!!

 I have recently become an affiliate for OT and I am so honored to be posting today about a great pattern in issue #8, The Little Collector Backpack from Swoodson Says.

Little Collector Backpack for Colin
Little Collector Backpack for Colin

Colin is our little collector.  He is forever gathering random treasures and stuffing them in his pockets, or the couch cushions!  So this bag is perfect for him.  I choose the cool fabric because his father is a paramedic and he just loves all things “wow-wow” ,as he puts it.  Every time he hears those sirens he gets excited.


The pattern has grommets for the rope to flow through but I opted for button holes.  Well truth be told my grommets and I are no longer on speaking terms!!  Let’s just leave it at that and not talk about user error!! I added a placket to give the area a bit more strength and I am pleased with  the detail it adds.

Heading to the garden
Heading to the garden

He loves to mess around in our garden so I wasn’t at all surprised when he donned his new sack and headed there straight away.  He can play forever there, finding gems among the dirt.



The smart cookie that he is  he remembered me telling him all about the mesh bottom.  I told him all the dirt would be left behind and only his treasures would linger.  Here he is trying out that cool feature.

Looks like I will have to make another for little brother
Looks like I will have to make another for little brother

The Little Collector Backpack is a wonderful pattern.  It has very easy to follow instructions with lots of pictures to help you along the way.   I really enjoyed sewing it up, it’s a fairly quick sew.  I am so pleased with the final results.

If you like this pattern be sure to check out what the others on the tour are showing off.  There are some really great patterns in Issue #8.

Happy Sewing!

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6 thoughts on “OT Tour Issue #8 The Little Collector Backpack+ Issue giveaway!!

  1. Congratulations on your wonderful post and on the super backpack. Colin looks so serious as he goes about his “collecting” business. I just bet his nifty backpack will soon be filled with all his finds. Oh, you better get started on Finn’s backpack before he confiscates Colin’s.


    1. Thank you! I plan on making a few more. He brings it everywhere with all his things. Even went to memaws yesterday and he packed all his cars


  2. Love the idea of the mesh bottom. That would be great for the beach! Sadly my boys are getting older and I no longer find all those ‘treasures’ in their pockets (or couch cushions…LOL, that made me chuckle). Enjoy your little explorers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish we had this at the beach. I still have sand in my bag! I think it’s there to stay. lol. I do enjoy them 😃. They grow up so fast.


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