My Fear Of Triangles

About a month ago, while on vacation, I ordered some fabric.  Yes, no surprise there, as I am always on the look out for more.  I am not a fabric hoarder, I am an aficionado of fine linens.  Yep, we will stick with that! Anyway, I received my fat quarter bundle of Spellbound from Cotton & Steel. WOW!! It was love at first site.

Purchased from LlamaFabrics ebay
Purchased from LlamaFabrics Etsy

The colors are so delicate and work so well together the collection needs nothing added. I knew right away that it would become a quilt. I spent way to many hours trying to decide what my pattern would be and which of the fabrics I would accent. I hit Pinterest, stalked all my favorite quilters, and, even drew out some options I had running through my head. I still couldn’t decide!

I kept coming back to triangles, from which I quickly ran away, but there they were again.
I’ve never done triangles. Actually this is only my 4th quilt ever and I’ve never followed a pattern.
So how hard could they actually be? Ok stop laughing, anyone who has quilted with triangles knows that they are tricky. All those points and will they meet up and will they stay sharp, and….

We have triangles!

Well I went into this project the same way I go into all of my projects, i just went.  I did do a bit of research before hand but only to the point of knowing that some quilters trim their corners and some don’t.

I wanted to show each fabric as much as I could and I only had a fat quarter bundle.  I made my triangles large and isosceles.  I trimmed the corners as I cut and went right to sewing them up.

image image

Again, no planning.  I even thought I would take a short cut here and sew them into pairs.  That didn’t work so well when I tried to lay out my design and not have any upside down!  It took ages to place each pair in place.

But I finally got it!!
But I finally got it!!

I struggled through this but I have to say that I am happy with our new Halloween quilt top.

image image

Yes, I know half of my directional prints are upside down.  I still have no clue where I went wrong there!  Let’s just say that which ever way you snuggle a print will point at you!

What have I learned today:

  • When it comes to quilting, always have a plan
  • When it comes to quilting, always have a plan

I now have to figure out how I will quilt our new quilt.  Hand stitch?? Large quilt hand stitch??


Don’t worry, I’ll come up with a plan..

Happy Halloween (yes I know it’s still August)


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