The Wedding Quilt


Ok, so I’m not known for my ultra smooth planning abilities. I’m kind of the “get an idea and run with it” kind of person. Run really really fast.  So far in my quilting career that seems to be holding true. Yes, I know that will have to change but for now, well I’m just going to run with it!

A few weeks ago, as I reached into the fridge to get some milk I paused to admire the beautiful wedding invitation (that I myself had placed there, to remind myself that some people get presents for those who get married and as I stood there I suddenly realized we hadn’t even discussed what we were getting, didn’t know where they were registered etc etc! In my mind that totally translated to MAKE SOMETHING!!  Make a quilt. Yeah, sure I  had plenty of time to plan it out, choose the perfect colors, pattern, etc etc.

I’m so glad I just run away with my crazy ideas. So just days before the big event I scouted out some fabric I had in my stash that I knew would be perfect.


I decided on a simple but classic patchwork pattern. Nothing to small, I really wanted the bold colors and patterns in these prints to pop.


I played around with placement but didn’t drive myself crazy. Short drive that it is, I just didn’t have time. I did have some help though. (not with the crazy part)


He even cleared away the mess of toys to help set out a design.


This throw size quilt sewed up super quick and I was told by family while I was working on it that the almost newly weds had just painted their family room grey with pops of teal!!  Score for me. Or you could say I lucked out.

Well all said and done it really didn’t take long at all and I was so happy that we could give the Mr. and Mrs. Something to cherish for a long time to come.



This is the quilt drying on the line literally minutes before we boxed it and drove to the country for a great party!

See you next time,


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