OneThimble Issue #9 Plus Giveaway

Come one, Come all. Big and small-

We are proud to present issue #9

Cover One Thimble Issue 9 high res
The latest issue of OT has such a fun and totally cool theme.  The Circus!!  Who doesn’t love the circus.  Where we all get to be kids, eat fluffed up sugar treats, and act like clowns.  OT issue #9 is packed full of patterns that can transport you to the fun and festivities without leaving home.  You’ll  have 14 PDF patterns to start you on your trip.  Plus this issue boasts 27 sewing, creating, and handmade biz related articles!!  27!!  Along with tons of how- to tutorials and skill builder articles to get you into big top shape for all your sewing.

I had the privilege of sewing the

 Vintage Circus Sit Upon

from The Toffee Tree

Vintage Circus Sit Upon - Single PDF Pattern

The minute I saw this pattern sugar plums starting dancing in my head, along with peppermints and all things Christmas.  Coming up on the holidays I decided to pull a double duty with this awesome pattern.

Vintage Circus sit upons



My husband, not knowing how cool these are asked me what we were planning on doing with “Giant Christmas frisbees?”  Well what ever we wanted I said!!  Now our three year old is calling the “Chrisbees”!!!  I love it.


This pattern sews up in no time at all and I think it can be customized for any occasion or to match any decor.


I had to use some of this fun silver vinyl that I have been hiding for way to long.  I also choose to add a bit of quilting.


I love this pattern and can’t wait to make some more “Chrisbees” and get sewing on some of the other great patterns in issue #9.  Head over to OneThimble and grab your digital copy today.  Make sure to check out the other awesome pattern being sewn on the tour.

And now here’s your chance to win your very own copy
Thanks for hanging out

One Thimble 200x200.png

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8 thoughts on “OneThimble Issue #9 Plus Giveaway

  1. “Chrisbees” haha, love it! Those are really cool…I really like the ones with the star in the middle.
    As far as One Thimble patterns from this latest issue…you know me and making bags 😉 so definitely the Statement Clutch! Oh, and I really need one of those Cheeky Monkeys! 🙂


  2. Definitely wanting to try the sit upons first (seem so much easier than dragging a picnic blanket around & then also all trying to squish on it comfortably!) & also the festive felties & the cross bow dress too! 😃


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