Birkin Flares Release!!

I will be the first to tell you I did not plan to sew myself a pair of jeans.  Jeans, well pants in general, have been hiding in the shadows of my bucket list for some time now.  Truth be told, I was sure I couldn’t do it.  I mean come on they’re jeans, like real fitted pants that I would be expected to wear in public!  I wasn’t sure I was up for the challenge.  Then while hanging out on IG I saw the tester call from Baste and Gather for her newest pattern.  I have had the pleasure of sewing The Foxglove Tank and knew how well Lauren writes so  I jumped on the opportunity.  Why not??  I am over the moon happy to have been chosen for her Birkin Flares  testing, and now to help celebrate their debut!


Here’s what I have created using the detailed tutorial and amazing pattern Lauren put together!


Being the novice I am to sewing clothing, I’m a quilter at heart, I made a few oops.  First of all, make sure you measure precisely!!  I can’t stress that enough because I may (or may not) have had to trim and trim again on the width through the hips and legs.  Next time, oh and there will be a next time I will make sure this doesn’t happen.


After a few mistakes and ripped seams I am thrilled that I completed my new Birkin Flares.   These fit like a glove now.


These classic jeans speak a 70’s vibe with a modern undertone for which this mom of 4 is thankful!  The high waist, which sits a bit above my belly button, hides tons.  The stretch gives a hug-able feel and moves great while I chase around my boys!


I couldn’t resist adding a bit of my own touch with the pockets.  I love the way the star came out!

Pattern Stats:

  • Sizes 24′-35′ waist
  • 34″ inseam to allow for heals!! with detailed instructions to shorten or lengthen.
  • Intermediate level pattern (do not let that stop you, If I can do it, you can too!)
  • Layered pattern so you can choose what size to print
  • Links to Baste and Gather’s Birkin Flares FB page and a sew- along so you will never be solo while sewing
  • Fabric suggestions for denim and dressier materials
  • Tips throughout to help with setting rivets and buttons

For my pair I used Coats and Clark heavy duty top stitching thread, with standard  cotton thread throughout the seams.  I purchased my stretch denim locally from Joanns but the pattern contains links to purchase a larger quality and color selection online.


My suggestion is run, don’t walk and get this pattern!  Come hang out on FB and sew along for this great addition to your wardrobe!

You can purchase the pattern here, and use the code BIRKINRELEASE at checkout to get a $2 discount.  Lauren is also celebrating the release by offering 50% off her other patterns so grab a few and get sewing! Code expires on Sunday December 13th at 11:59pm PST.

Thanks for hanging out today.  If your in the neighborhood stop by and check out Finn’s Door IG or FB and say hello.

Don’t forget to tag your photos, if you sew up some #birkinflares so we can all applaud you!

See you around!  Rebecca

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