Welcoming in the New Year finally!

So this is how our 2016 began.  We had no major plans to welcome in the new year but starting it off with a family crisis was not on the books.  My husband is a flight paramedic for a local hospital and set out the last Sunday in December to cover a local racing event for his company.  Last thing I thought as he set off to work was not to ask him to avoid being hit by a race car.  Well 11 broken ribs, a broken clavicle and a ruptured spleen later I found myself sitting bedside in the ICU thanking God that things weren’t worse.


We are so blessed that the injuries we not severe enough to keep him out of the game forever.  There’s a long road of recovery to travel but so far there have not been any further issues to face.

So where does that leave me…

I have had to put a few things on hold due to the caios of family life but I am slowly getting back in the game.

I have a few exciting things that I am working on and as always planning even more for the year.

Here’s a bit of a rundown on the happenings and craftiness of Finn’s Door:

I will have my first e-zine article appearing in issue 10 of OneThimble e-zine!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this opportunity, ok I’ll tell you,  IT’S AWESOME!!


I am so happy to be testing patterns for On the cutting floor!!  I just completed a great skirt that will be released soon!  Be on the look out for the Loraine skirt!

The Lorraine Skirt from On the Cutting floor

and I’m in the process of testing the Megan shirt and will be sure to post more as I go along.

The Megan Shirt from On the Cutting Floor

Along the way I have also run across the most wonderful thing in the world, Quilty Swaps!!  How did I survive this long not knowing about these awesome swaps?  Well I am head over heels in love with creating beautiful minis centered around a specific theme and mailing them off to a new friend.  Yes, the best thing about swaps is the awesome friends I have made!

Take a look for your self at some of my latest creations (and if you’re in IG land stop by and follow along to see more!)

Well that’s all for today but I’ll be back next week with an update including a few new projects and swap pictures.

Thanks for hanging out

Happy Creating


6 thoughts on “Welcoming in the New Year finally!

  1. Rebecca – I’m sorry that your family has had that crisis to overcome. I hope your hubby is healing quick and you all are back to your normal routine. Your upcoming projects look great and I’m excited to see your posts. And I agree about the swaps – I never knew and I was missing out! Even though it’s February – Happy New Year! Lesley


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