Celebrate Love


Around here I don’t get the chance to do very many pink and girly things due to the fact that I am so out numbered by the males in the home!  Well Valentine’s Day is fair game.  I mean really, what would Valentine’s Day be without all the hearts, flowers, pink frills, and of course LOVE.   

So this year I decided to start working on some decorations that will hopefully become part of the traditions we are creating as a family.  This one started with some simple foam letters adorned with twinkle and glitter…



My inspiration (purchased from Michael’s)

Today I have a simple weekend sew for you to create a wall hanging for your Valentine’s day celebration.


  • 4-5 scraps of holiday themed fabric for letters
  • half yard quilting cotton for background
  • half yard quilt batting
  • Quilting cotton for backing
  • Purchased or homemade quilt binding about 4 yards
  • Provided letters L O V E and hearts
  • LetterVLetterOHeartsLetterLLetterE
  • glue stick
  • basting spray
  • basting pins (optional)
  • general sewing/quilting supplies

Print the provided letters and hearts on card stock and cut out.


Trace your letters onto the wrong side of fabric and cut out.  Don’t forget to reverse the letters when you trace them. You really need to only reverse the L and the E. Set aside.


Cut your background 15″x43″.  You’ll want to cut batting and backing an inch or two bigger.  Make a quilt sandwich with your background, batting, and backing fabric. I used basting spray to hold everything together.  Iron well to set it and remove any little wrinkles.


Positon your letters and hearts as desired. I simply centered them on the quilt top but feel free to get creative!


To secure the letters I used a glue stick.  This worked so so.  I had to re-glue certain areas as I quilted.  If you choose to use spray basting just make sure to spray far away from the top so you don’t have a ton of stick on your banner.


Once you have everything set you’re ready to start quilting.  I did place a few basting pins just because but it’s up to personal preferance.


I choose to quilt a cross hatch pattern all over using my presser foot as a quide but this project is perfect for some FMQ!  Go crazy.



Trim your top square and bind as desired.  I love to hand finish the binding.  Its just so relaxing.  I heard a quilty friend say once that She uses hand binding to say a prayer and send a happy thought to the reciepient with each stitch.  That is cool!!


If you are planning to hang the finished banner you can place some tabs on the back to make it easy to hang.  I used a bit of binding  for mine.  Simply open the binding and press the raw edges to the center fold.  Cut the pieces the length needed with a diagonal cut and tuck under the binding. When you get around make sure to stitch through the hanger tab ends.

And here’s the finished product!  I love it!


This tutorial is inspired by so many wonderful holiday decorations I have seen.  I would love to see what you come up with either with this tutorial or something of your own.  Please tag me on IG so I can see your great work @finnsdoor





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