AVTR Herringbone Quilt

Hello and welcome to my stop on the

 A Vision to Remember Herringbone quilt  tour…

Today I am here to show off the beautiful fabric and Herringbone pattern that Bobbie at ATVR sent my way.  To say I am lucky would be an understatement. I was so happy to receive these amazingly  colorful fabrics.  Red and teal has to be my favorite paring of colors.  There is so much joy in this quilt.



Have you ever sewn a rag quilt?  If you answered no. I must tell you that you’re missing out on a wonderful sew.  Bobbie at AVTR has some amazing patterns for you and your little ones.  You can find her boutique here and you can find this beautiful fabric paring here.


When I was selected to participate in this tour I accepted before I even taking a look at what we would be stitching.  If you remember this post a while back then you know how much I enjoyed this particular style of rag quilts!  After sewing up my first one I was hooked.


Rag quilts are simple to assemble, very forgiving, and the results are amazing.


The cutting is the longest part of the process, after that it’s a simple sew and you are left with a soft snugglie blanket that will be a hit with anyone that you sew for.  My littlest one couldn’t even wait for me to wash and dry mine!


After you assemble the top and snip all the seams you simply toss in the wash, tumble dry, and watch as the magic takes place.  When you remove it you’ll see all the little snips are curled and left as soft as can be…


Word of caution, stop your dryer mid cycle and empty the lint trap!  Also, and I’m not saying I did this, do not attempt to wash anything else in  the first run through!  The lint may never brush off my favorite walk around the house sweater!!

Happy Quilting


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