Mother’s Day Mini


After much thought and searching for the perfect Mother’s Day  gift for Mom I was still lost!  So, Plan B, which should have been Plan A,  make something that would remind her of all she means to our family and all the love we share.  So the Mother’s Day mini was carefully planned out…well as carefully planned as I ever plan!


The only thing I asked for was her favorite color.  Turns out it’s blue.  Well the search for the perfect combo of blue began and this is what I came up with.  Jo-ann  Fabric  and Craft Stores carries some great fabrics.  I found these lovelies there  They are Cloud9 organic cotton and can be found here


My background fabric for this special piece is equally special.  It’s a dress shirt of my father’s.  My Mom gave it to me to make something and I’m pretty sure this is a good something.


The light plaid of the shirt reminds me of a screen door. It sparked a beautiful memory for me.   The sound of the door slapping shut as we all ran in and out constantly on the warm days of spring.  It’s perfect for the bold flowers in the main print.

The pattern I used is  Fireworks Mini 24’x24′ quilt from Canoe ridge Creations.

I finished the mini with some picnic inspired check that I have had in my stash to long to remember where I found it, some lite gray Kona binding, and a little something to mark the occasion.




Happy Mother’s Day!  Not only to the coolest Mom I know but to each and every one of you hard working, loved moms!

Have a beautiful day!




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