oneThimble Issue 11!

If you’re just joining in or have been following along the tour welcome to my stop.  I have been hanging out with One Thimble for a few tours now and things just keep getting better!
(You can see a past post here and here)
When the patterns were posted for this issue I saw the Bear and Bunny Quilt pattern  and had to sew a few for my little ones!
This pattern by Horris & Deedle is included in issue 11 and also as a stand alone pattern.
Since I have two littles and I didn’t want to break any hearts  I chose to sew up 1 frog and 1 bunny. Included in the pattern are 2 other equally awesome options, a polar bear and a brown bear.  It was hard for me to decide so I let my littles do the choosing.  They also had fun helping pick out their fabric.
I was able to make these two adorable quilts in no time at all. Just about 2 days and the pattern is so simple to follow. Well written directions and pictures walk you through the process step by step and I am so happy with the results.
 The process is simple applique.  If this is new to you this is a great beginner piece.  The critters are mostly larger pieces with no crazy corners to stitch around.
 A cool bonus happened with the quilting which resulted in a bunny shadow on the back that my boy loves!
I also chose to sew up another pattern for one of my bigger boys, yes I have a lot of them.  Four total!
 The Upton Sweater by Momma Quail Patterns is included in issue 11 and as a stand alone pattern.  This is another simple sew that I will make many more. I love when I find a pattern that houses all the sizes I need in one item.
This guy lucked out and received a super cool top.  I know he looks less then thrilled but he has thanked me a zillion times and even told his friends it was handmade by his mom!!  Now that is what I live for.
Thanks for hanging out and go check out all the wonderful stops along the tour.  See you next time
One Thimble

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