Quilting for Good

Hello All,

I want to share something awesome with you…


Not too long ago I was hanging out over in IG land and came across a new site @stashbuilderbox.


Their page really caught my eye. There I found out about their quilter’s monthly subscription.   Super cute little boxes of monthly happy mail delivered to you (at a really great price!) that include all sorts of nifty items.  So while it is never hard  to convince me to buy more fabric this deal really is sweet.  Each box is not only full of fabric, notions, pencils, thread, patterns, and more, Stash Builder Box is also very charity oriented.


Yep, 20% of all box sales go to help with their heart builder program. I immediately headed to find out more and learned about the opportunity to quilt for a cause!  A few simple steps later….I am now a Heart Builder!

So what’s a heart builder??

Stash Builder Box has a group of quilters that make quilt tops, send them back, and they are turned over to longarm quilters, finished up, and sent worldwide to children.  What a great warm embrace to send.  I was so excited as I filled out the form to join the beauty.

Well I have to say that the more I read the more I fell in love! I patiently waited.  Not long though.  soon I received an invite to a facebook page where all the heart builders can communicate.  Not long after that I was mailed some fabric and I set to work.


I was given this beautiful Cloud 9 fabric from their Glint collection, to which I added some simple polka dots and a dash of yellow.


I am currently working on my second quilt top so stay tuned…..

Happy Quilting.


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