Let’s use up some orphan blocks + Stash Builder Box unboxing

If you’re anything like me you have a surplus of left over quilt blocks!  I have a ton, well ok, maybe a ton and a half.  Each time I make a quilt top or similar project I always have a few spares.  Some come from oops and others are just a normal byproduct.

Here’s the tip of the iceberg!

Wherever they come from no matter, it’s what to do with them.  I recently had a block to ship off for my quilting bee and needed an extra to send along.  I had produced yet another 2 orphan blocks while making the chosen block for the month and as I went to tuck them away I had an idea.

So this happened

I have seen many tutorials and pics around of similar cloth bins so this idea is in no way my own but I haven’t seen one using extra quilt blocks. So here it goes

Here’s a mini how-to:

Simply square up your blocks and use it as a guide for cutting your batting and backing fabric.  I happened to have a set of blocks so I used one for the main and one for the backing.

Layer your pieces front, back right sides together and topped with batting.   Stitch along all sides with a 1/4″ SA and leave an opening on one side for turning.  Trim the corners and turn right side out making sure to poke your corners out with a blunt point. I also trim the SA on the side with my opening just a touch  Don’t trim the opening.


Press your blocks well.  Tuck in edges on your opening and press.  Pin if necessary.  Top stitch 1/8″ from the edge all the way around.

Fold your square in half on the diagonal and align 2 corners.  Mark each point about 1/2″ in.  This mark will be different on each bin.  It will be determined by the size of your quilt blocks.  The bigger the starting block the larger the measurement at the corners. My smaller bin was barely 1/2″.  Just make sure that you mark all 4 corners the same!

Stitch your corners and give the piece a final press and you are all done!!


And now for the unboxing!!

I have been getting happy mail from Stash Builder Box  for a few months now and am always so happy when a monthly box arrives.  I thought I would share my latest arrival here.


These beauties come all wrapped up in a cute little box!

This month I was treated to a half yard of these beautiful Cloud9 cottons

And the fun doesn’t stop here…

There’s a pattern, super fun pencil, and a gorgeous spool of Aurifil thread!!


They also include a card for you to store with your fabric for easy identification and some info on the current organization for donations!  This month is Peach’s Neat Feet.  I’ll have a quilt top ready for a donation soon.


Hope you enjoyed! Till next time,

Happy stitching,


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