Come Join the fun and tips for holiday sewing



Welcome to the start of another crafty holiday season!  If you are anything like me you are giddy with excitement to begin another sewing, quilting, and crafting marathon!  Each year my sewing list grows and grows as I add to the presents I create for family and friends. I find it so satisfying to make something one of a kind for a special person.

With that said I am notorious for taking on to much, totally blowing my budget, and not getting things finished until the midnight hour.  Who’s with me on this one!!?  This year I am bound and determined to stay on track and on budget!    I’ve been working on a few ways to not let the crazy take control and I thought I would share a few tactics and hopefully save you some hair pulling of your own. So here goes….

Make a plan, make a plan!!

Hoping this binder keeps me on track!

First thing I did this year was make a list. On it are all the who’s and the what’s. I actually turned my list into a binder that will hold all my projects notes and record any issues or changes I’ve made to patterns.  Getting it all down on paper gives me an idea of what I’m in for.  It also helps me start to organize what materials and time frame I will need for each project.  I have made my list very detailed this year and included sizes, quantities and specific patterns.  So far all good.


Next up get organized

I cannot get enough of these totes

I made a quick trip to the dollar store to stock up on these small totes.  These are so awesome.  I got enough to hold every project.  With them I can gather fabric, patterns, and supplies and store them all together as little grab and go sewing kits.  This step by far takes the most time but I know it will be worth every minute when I sit to sew.  I spend more time searching for a pattern or that perfect fabric and waste my stitching time.  Fingers crossed this won’t be a problem this time around.

Tips for staying on budget:

  • Set one!!

I know you’re laughing because hand made isn’t cheap made but we can make it cost worthy.  By organizing I was able to pull a ton of fabric and supplies from my stash. As I loaded my project totes I made notes of supplies needed and any extras but made sure to include specific yardage for each item.  This made my shopping spree less of a spree and kept me on track.

  • Pull from your stash.

I know we all have enough fabric on hand to survive the zombie apocalypse!  I selected so much from my stash that actually having one made me so happy.  I needed to add just a bit to make my project complete.

  • It doesn’t need to be holiday colors or themes.

I am making quite a few things with holiday fabrics and traditional red/green flare but I do have a few that will be customized for personal taste and style of the recipient.  This was a really fun part of the planning, I was able to use fabric I have been saving for that special sew.  I love thinking  outside the box and to create something that can be used or displayed all year long.

Above all,  I’m going to have have fun with my creations and not stress the holiday madness.  I create because I enjoy the peace and happiness it brings me and this time of year should not be the exception.

Rejoice in your finishes and be sure to show them off (if you can) by joining in on IG for #holidayfromtheheart

If you are looking for some inspiration please join me on Pinterest and check out my Christmas board.



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